Interviews with Amzie Moore: A Studiolab Experiment

January 26, 2021
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

We invite anyone interested in learning about the Hampton and Willis collections, the documentary process, and/or the Studiolab project to take part in an exploratory screening discussion.

The discussion will convene on Tuesday, Jan. 26, at 4 pm CST; we hope that all participants will have screened a set of materials that we have posted to Box.

We invite anyone interested to take part in this exploration through a series of planned screening events. In our first event, we explored an episode of Eyes, which narrated key events in school desegregation across the South. In this event, we train our focus on a single figure: Amzie Moore, a key figure of Mississippi Delta voter registration efforts before, during, and after Freedom Summer. We will examine two interviews from the Hampton collection, as well as transcript materials from an interview with Moore conducted by Jack Willis. (Willis, a contemporary of Hampton’s, interviewed many Civil Rights Movement veterans but never completed his documentary. His sizeable collection of interviews for this project is housed in the WUSTL Film and Media Archive.)

If you would like to participate, please fill out the form below. The meeting will begin at 4 and end by 5:00 CST.

The Zoom link for the meeting is:


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